Wake Up World Digital Print and Play Kit


Welcome to Wake Up World, a celebration of spring! Here you will find beautiful resources to inspire your play and learning throughout this magical season!

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The storyline of this kit is found in the meditation, and will guide you to create a transformative winter to spring setup if you would like to observe the differences between winter and spring! From there you will meet beautiful animals that will teach you so much information about how they begin waking up from their hibernation or torpor state!

Each animal will have an informational page that will hopefully spark learning and curiosity, along with a purposeful skill focused activity

Wake Up World Learning Digital Print and Play

  • Magical Graphics to teach your little one about animals and bring your play space to life!
  • Short Poems
  • Even and Odd Pond Play
  • Bear Themed Consonant Digraph Sort
  • Duck Vowel Sort
  • Hedgehog number activity
  • Flower Shape Matching Activity
  • Snail Sound Blending playdough activity
  • B/D net sound sort
  • Bat sensory texture activity
  • Nocturnal and diurnal animal sort
  • Hummingbird Nectar Recipe
  • Fractions/parts of a whole activity


Wake Up World Dollhouse Wallpapers

  • four bedrooms: Three cave themed and one duck themed
  • A cave kitchen
  • 1 cave bathroom and 1 outdoor animal bathroom
  • A snail house
  • Hedgehog library


Wake Up World Full bundle 

What’s Included: All of the above!


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Wake Up World Learning Digital Print and Play, Wake Up World Dollhouse Wallpapers, Wake Up World Full bundle 


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