Penny Lane Cottage


Gift your little ones with the most charming and whimsical wooden cottage for their small world dreams.

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This cottage styled dollhouse is handcrafted with love. Created from smooth premium pine wood, this home is the newest member of the Wonder and Whimsy Co. wooden toy collection.

Inspired by Levlovs adorable mice friends, they are the perfect addition for your little one’s play. Small plushies, peg dolls and all tiny toys fit perfectly within.

One of our new favorite features is the handmade scalloped roof that Poppy created! He uses a penny for the shape and size of each scallop- which is where our new name came from!

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Penny Lane Dollhouse Tray

  • You will receive our hand-made Penny Lane Home
  • Free shipping!


10.5” wide

14” from top to bottom

14” from roof edge to roof edge

Bottom Room 8” tall and 9.5” wide


Penny Lane and Print and Cut Bundle

This option includes both the tray and 10 pages of wallpaper prints, printed on cardstock from our Wake Up World Learning Bundle!


*There will be approximately a 2 week turn around time for building*

*This product is not intended for children under three. All small world play should be supervised. This item is not meant for roughhouse play, water play, or climbing on. 
*Please open your tray upon arrival. Exchanges are only offered for products that are damaged during shipping within the first three days including delivery day. Buyers are responsible for return shipping.

*Not all items pictured are included. Please read product description for purchasable items.

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Purchase Options

Penny Lane Dollhouse, Print and Cut, Penny Lane and Print and Cut


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